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A veteran baseball writer and editor explores the world of books about baseball through interviews with today's best baseball authors.
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Oct 15, 2018

The Bad News Bears is considered a classic baseball movie. Its 1977 sequel is not. But author Josh Wilker thinks the mostly forgotten tale of Kelly Leak, the Astrodome and a van full of misfits is a quintessential American movie of the 1970s. 

Oct 8, 2018

Rob Neyer returns to the podcast to discuss his new book, which looks at modern baseball through the lens of the single Astros-A's game played in September 2017. It's a work in the tradition of "A Day in the Bleachers" and "Nine Innings."

Oct 4, 2018

Author Brad Snyder joins us to discuss Curt Flood and how his principled stand against the reserve clause set off a chain of events that changed professional sports forever.

Oct 1, 2018

Inspired by The Glory of their Times, author Brendan Donley tracked down the men who played in the classic 1968 World Series. He joins us to discuss the book on the 50th anniversary of the series. 

Sep 24, 2018

Author Kevin Kerrane joins us to talk about his classic book on baseball scouting. Sports Illustrated once ranked Dollar Sign on the Muscle as one of the 100 best sports books of all time.

Sep 20, 2018

100 years ago this month, war raged in Europe, a flu epidemic spread throughout the globe and the Red Sox and Cubs battled in the earliest World Series ever. Author Skip Desjardin joins us to discuss the remarkable series of events. 

Sep 17, 2018

In 1971, a small-town baseball team made a magical run to the Illinois state baseball finals. Author Chris Ballard tells us the amazing tale of the Macon Ironmen and their unlikely coach. 

Sep 10, 2018

Reggie! Reggie! For more than a decade, Mr. October was the center of the baseball universe, finding himself in the middle of controversy and pennant races alike. Dayn Perry joins us discuss the tumultuous life and career of the Hall of Famer. 

Sep 6, 2018

Author Josh Ostergaard takes us on an alternative tour of American history, in which everything from colonialism to the Cold War to 9/11 is represented by baseball.

Aug 30, 2018

Over the last 50 years, Kevin Keating has collected tens of thousands of baseball autographs -- and forged countless relationships with baseball greats. He joins us to discuss his remarkable pursuit of signatures and how it has affected his life.

Aug 27, 2018

On a Sunday afternoon in August 1965, Giants pitcher Juan Marichal struck Dodgers catcher John Roseboro with his bat. Author John Rosengren explains how the violent confrontation would continue to affect both men -- for bad and good -- for the rest of their lives. 

Aug 23, 2018

Author Lew Freedman joins us to discuss the life and legacy of legendary lefty Warren Spahn, one of baseball's greatest pitchers. 

Aug 20, 2018

During the 1890s, Cleveland was home to the rowdiest, fightingest, most hated baseball team in the National League. David Fleitz tells us about the club that gave us Cy Young and ended as the worst team in the game's history. 

Aug 13, 2018

Orioles Magic, feel it happen. From 1979 to 1983, Baltimore was baseball's model franchise, winning two pennants and a World Series while fielding competitive teams each year. Author Charles Kupfer joins us to discuss that remarkable era. 

Aug 9, 2018

The Astros went from national laughingstock to World Series champions in a few short seasons. Ben Reiter of Sports Illustrated joins us to discuss how Houston succeeded by sticking to a sometimes-controversial master plan. 

Aug 6, 2018

America's entry into World War I in 1917 had a major impact on professional baseball, including both the major leagues and the minors. Author Jim Leeke joins us to talk about the national pastime during the Great War. 

Aug 2, 2018

Author Alex Irvine takes us on a graphic and fun-filled trip through the history of the national pastime. Along the way we meet Abner Doubleday, Charlie Pride, Walt Whitman and even Jack Kerouac. 

Jul 26, 2018

Justine Siegal. Mudcat Grant. Maybelle Blair. Shirley Burkovich. Each of these individuals has an amazing story to tell, and they do so in their own words in a new collection. Jon Leonoudakis, one of the co-editors of the project, joins us to discuss it. 

Jul 16, 2018

From Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump, the American presidency has been inextricably linked to the American game. Veteran author Curt Smith tells us the history of two venerable national institutions. 

Jul 9, 2018

Author David George Surdam explains how Babe Ruth,Kenesaw Mountain Landis and others fueled a tumultuous but prosperous decade for the national pastime.

Jul 2, 2018

The Milwaukee Braves set attendance records, won a World Series and became beloved in Wisconsin after moving from Boston in the 1950s. A decade later, the team was gone. Author Patrick W. Steele joins us to discuss how things went so wrong so fast. 

Jun 25, 2018

Author Mitch Lutzke joins us to discuss a pioneering championship African-American baseball team that has been largely forgotten. 

Jun 18, 2018

Former major league closer Skip Lockwood joins us to share memories of his career, which included stops in Kansas City, Seattle, Milwaukee and New York. Along the way, he crossed paths with legendary figures like Charlie O. Finley, Jim Bouton, Bud Selig and Satchel Paige.

Jun 14, 2018

Jerald Podair joins us to discuss his award-winning book recounting the amazing story of the building of Dodger Stadium and the birth of modern Los Angeles. 

Jun 11, 2018

The Cape Cod Baseball League is the best summer college league in the world and counts among its alumni such names as Kris Bryant, Buster Posey and Jeff Bagwell. Author Jim Collins joins us to discuss his classic account of the league's 2002 season. 

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